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How To Control Your Emotions in Any Situation!

Emotions are great; they are what make us human. But sometimes the manifestation of feelings is completely inappropriate, interferes with thinking sensibly which leads to mistakes and unwise decisions. You cannot (and should not!) restrain yourself from experiencing those or other emotions, however it is important to show and express those emotions at the right time and in the right place. Use your emotions constructively and to your advantage instead of letting them destroy everything that you have been working so hard for. Here are a few ways to help you control your emotions in any situation:

Find Balance

Adjust the degree of your emotions like temperature indicators on a thermostat. Not too hot, not too cold - just right to feel good. This applies to both good and bad emotions. People who are able to control their emotions, try to maintain balance at all times avoiding disharmony in the state of the soul.

Pause and Think

Do you feel like you are starting to “boil” up? That’s a dangerous state. So instead of responding to the situation immediately - pause, stop, step away. Cool yourself off and reflect on what happened and return to yourself the focus and ability to analyze. Hasty decisions most often bring a bitter feeling of regret. However, a pause will help you focus on what is actually important and choose an effective and tactful way to solve the problem.

Avoid emotional overload

Emotional overload is a situation where a certain feeling completely captures you. This state is accompanied by physical symptoms, such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, trembling in the knees, sweating and nausea. Do you ever feel something similar like that? This is a clear sign that you are emotionally overwhelmed. Instead of going with the flow and surrendering to the feeling completely and (over)reacting, pause, divide and conquer! Process the information in parts, gradually, while recovering from the boil.

Practice deep breathing

The reaction of the body to emotional overload directly affects the heart rate and in general all the muscles of the body. You experience stress, after which you will surely feel overwhelmed. To avoid physical reactions, practice deep breathing. It will saturate your brain with oxygen and help to relax. The technique is very simple: close your eyes and inhale very slowly through your nose, counting for five seconds. Hold the breath for another two seconds, and then exhale through the mouth just as slowly, again counting to five. Repeat at least 10 times.

Avoid emotional company and drama

It is known that people easily convey their emotions to others, most emotions being negative ones. That is why it’s best to avoid those who only see the negative in everything: the negativity will transfer to you without you even noticing. The same applies to unnecessarily emotional people, those who get angry quickly, feel frustrated easily and tend to always see the bad even in the good. If you want to have balance with your emotions and be in harmony, it is best to distance yourself from drama queens/kings, gossipers and super pessimistic people.

Think over the solution, not the problem

Negative reaction to a difficult situation is one of the most common problems associated with emotions. The feeling of sadness or anger as a reaction to unpleasant circumstances is normal, but illogical. Instead of continuing to think about the problem which won’t lead you anywhere, you need to use that time to think of the next steps to resolve the situation. Make a list of possible solutions, be innovative and creative. You will see that during the time you are spending to actually solve the problem, the emotions will recede into the background. It’s a win/win, you solve the problem and get back to emotional balance.

“Never let what you feel make you forget what’s real. Facts over feelings. Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence.” -unknown ~

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