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6 Tips on How to Become Fearless and Your Most Courageous Self!

6 Tips on How to Become Fearless and Your Most Courageous Self

Fears prevent people not only from becoming brave, but also from developing as a person. The biggest mistake that people make is avoiding or escaping from their own fears. Yet the first rule in the elimination of fear is the awareness of fear itself. You must admit to yourself that some object, action, phenomenon causes a strong fear in you. Then write it on a piece of paper, whatever it is that you fear, and START DOING it in spite of fear. The only way to fight fear is to conquer it!

What can you do if bravery is not a natural trait to you? If fears don’t allow you to be confident, move up and complete your goals? Is bravery a learnable trait? It is!!! And here is how you can change yourself and stop being afraid. You can become fearless and your most courageous self by using the following 6 tips:

Prepare yourself mentally

Having the right mindset should not be underestimated. This is where it all starts. It was proven by psychologists that 90% of results depend on mental preparation, and the remaining 10% are skills. So do not underestimate the power of thoughts, words and the right attitude. To become brave, you will have to prepare yourself in advance for a positive outcome.

Believe in yourself

I know that to believe in yourself after 10 failed attempts is very difficult. But to believe in yourself, you must not pay attention to people who don’t support you or tell you to give up. You must stop criticizing and judging yourself. When you start digging into the past and remembering your failures, when you listen to other people's opinions, you begin to doubt yourself. Doubts are normal to a brave person, and faith is the absence of doubt. So start believing in yourself regardless of your past, or what other people tell you and continue to believe in yourself. Everything is in your hands.

Face your fears

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela. I understand perfectly that this advice is the most difficult to use. Just understand, if you avoid your fears, then you will never become brave. Fear disappears when you overcome it several times.

What’s your courageous moment? Think of one thing that you have done in the past that was bold and courageous. Use the tools you used then to do something fearless now.

Ask yourself this one question

What is the worst thing that can happen? Usually those things are inconsequential. So what if whatever you decide to do doesn’t go as well as you had hoped? That’s better than taking no action. You will gain self-respect and confidence for making an effort regardless of the outcome. But let me tell you, things usually work out better than you think.

Praise yourself

If you have overcome your fear and have done something to conquer it - be sure to praise yourself, to secure your victory in memory. After several victories, you will feel bolder, more confident, and your self-esteem will rise. Most people blame themselves for failures and never praise themselves for the wins. This makes uncertainty grow, and courage diminish. Be sure to always praise yourself and celebrate victories even if they are small.

Take risks

Risk is something that is essential to becoming brave. The fact is that when we take risks, the body produces adrenaline, and it blocks fear. It is better to try and to fail than not to do it at all. Staying in your "shell" lowers self-esteem, but risk can increase it. “He who does not risk will never drink champagne” – Russian proverb

Lastly, do not confuse caution and prudence with cowardice. It’s one thing to be fully prepared and do it; it’s another, not to do it at all. So become courageous by acting against fear, one smart step at a time.

Are you ready to become fearless and your most courageous self?

What is going to be your next courageous move?

What’s one thing that you are going to do to face your fear?

Yours truly,


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** edited by one of my favorite people: Marianna Golyak

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