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Declutter: 10 "Valuable" Items That Need to be Thrown in the Trash!

10 Valuable Items That Need to be Thrown in the Trash

Many unneeded and useless items have an amazing ability to disguise themselves as necessary. They merge with the environment, and we are so used to them that we hardly notice. However, it is those items that occupy our precious space without benefit. It is because of them that your place can look cramped, stuffy and overloaded.

The trash in the house is a hidden enemy which is why it is so important to get rid of it! So, lets begin the declutter process with the 10 "valuable" items that need to be thrown in the trash asap:

1. Expired cosmetics, makeup that you haven’t used, Perfume bottles

Why keep the old mascara and lipstick? Why collect empty perfume bottles? Any cosmetics is created to make us more beautiful, and not cause a bacterial infection.

2. Uncomfortable shoes

Admit it, currently there are at least a few pairs of shoes in your closet that are very beautiful and stylish. Yet every time you just think about putting them on, you begin to have throbbing pain in your pinky toes. They are your instrument of torture, so get rid of them.

3. Clothing "When I lose weight"

Somewhere in the far corner of the closet is a neat pile of things that you dream of wearing when you lose extra (extra ones for you, no one else notices them) pounds. And no, they don’t work as motivation but rather make you feel negative and unaccomplished. So say “bye bye” and throw these "valuable" items in the trash without guilt.

4. Postcards, Thank you Cards, Birthday Cards

Deep inside of your closet, an area that never sees the light is a beautiful little box with enormous number of cards. Many of these cards are from people you you haven’t spoken to nor plan to. Why do you need this warehouse of cards that you never “go into”? Leave the cards only from those that make your heart pump harder, everything else, trash!

5. Chachkas

Ok, so there are collection items, perhaps people collect key chains from different countries they have visited, fine. But then, there are all these other thingamajigs that dust up your book shelve and clutter it to no avail. Stop it, these "valuable" items can go in the trash as well!

Nothing new and valuable can come into your life when there is no free space for it.

6. Mailroom Paper spam, Magazines, Journals

First, why haven’t you gone paperless yet? This is 2019!! The only thing you need is utility bills. The rest of the printed garbage is superfluous and unnecessary trash.

7. "Non-wearable" underwear

Oh yes, I went there! Who came up with the classification of underwear “for critical days”, “for every day” and “for a special occasion”? Look through all your goodies and leave only the undergarments that make you feel S_E_X_Y!!! Throw away anything that makes you feel like a grandma (or grandpa)!

8. Old, non-working gadgets and useless cords

These valuable gadgets may be useful to tech savvy geniuses for experiments, but you absolutely do not need them. And how many cords do you really need and what are they for, do you even remember? These"valuable" items need to be thrown out asap.

9. Books that you have read, never read or will never read

Only favorite books and those that are needed for work / study should stand in a visible place. No need to have a library that you don’t have space for with books that you never use.

10. Jewelry

If you are anything like me, you have a ball of necklaces that are so tangled up; it would take days to untangle. This also means that I haven’t worn any of them in a long time, which means I don’t need them. Sure there are pieces that are not to be worn daily, but those are just a few. The rest, you can certainly live without including the untangled ball.

Bonus: Medication. So many of us don’t realize that we keep expired medicine in our cabinet, throw them out! Look through your medicine box and I guarantee, you’ll throw away half of it.

Of course, it is not necessary to throw all things in the trash. Some of them can be donated, and others can be given to those people who need them more.

So, do you have a few items to throw away? And let me know if there are things that I didn't mention, perhaps I have more "trashing" to do!

Yours truly,



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